Strategy for sustainability


What is Sustainable to us

  • environmental


    CO2 Management
    Benignity of Components
    Biodegradability Increase
    Soil and Water Conservation

  • efficient

    Resource Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency
    Materials Optimization
    Infrastructure Efficiency

  • healthy


    Public Health
    Hygiene Increase
    Sustainable Living
    Noise and Air Control

Ecology management leads to a competitive advantage and creates a higher financial return.
The companies of our first fund are examples.

We are specialized and we support companies that market products or services with a positive impact on Environment, Resource Efficiency or Health.

We examine the activity of each company to evaluate if it contributes with one or several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and the related objectives.

Since we are not focused on financial profitability only, we are considering the competitive advantage and the value creation through the positive sustainable impact. Hence, we have our in-house benchmark methodology: we set-up and monitor 2 or 3 customized Environmental – Social – Governance Key Performance Indicators (ESG KPIs) with the leadership teams of our portfolio companies. Together we are pragmatic and we are results oriented.

We target many different sectors:

  • Green Chemistry
  • Green Agri-business
  • Waste Management
  • Eco-Materials
  • Organic Food and Organic Products
  • Healthy living solutions
  • Information Technology
  • Smart Electrical Equipment
  • Automation and Robotization
  • Etc

Sustainable development goals

Our investment criteria

  • IMPACT ON SUSTAINABILITY: Strong opportunity in the market for solutions/products/services that have a positive impact on Environment, Resource Efficiency or Health
  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Technology, brand or position in the value chain
  • LEADERSHIP TEAM: Experienced, Financially committed, Willing to work with Oraxys to accelerate growth
  • GOVERNANCE: Active Board membership, Minority or majority stake, Aligned interests, Transparency, Consensus and exit rights
  • ADDED-VALUE OF ORAXYS: Capacity to bring industrial experience, management coaching or international networks
  • COMPANY CHARACTERISTICS: Positive EBIT, Net Sales ranging between EUR 10 million and EUR 200 million. European headquarter with a focus on Benelux, France and Switzerland
  • EQUITY INVESTMENT: From EUR 3 million up to EUR 50 million per company
  • INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION: Capacity to expand organically and/or through acquisitions
  • ANTICIPATED LIQUIDITY: 5-7 year term (capacity to stay longer on a case-by-case basis)

Our values

  • Excellence

    Exemplarity, Excelling oneself, Competitive

  • Human Partnership

    Respect, Debate, Transparency, Honesty, Fairness, Team Spirit

  • Sustainable Development

    Sustainability, Development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Progress

Our shareholding style

  • Focused on the interest of the company

    to create both financial and sustainable impact values at medium term

  • Structuring deals to align interests

  • Open, pragmatic and responsive

  • Proactive and added-value driven

  • Independent minded

    and fostering exchange of views

  • International


Respect, fairness and trust are key to teamwork between shareholders and managers, at each level.

Oraxys is made of different expertise, backgrounds, nationalities, genders, ages, etc, that foster creativity, agility and added value.

A simple, efficient and clear corporate governance is the common ground to successfully carry out ambitious and international projects. This is true for both Oraxys and the portfolio companies we are supporting.

Oraxys is structured with 3 decision-making processes :

  1. Investment decisions for the funds
    Each fund has its Investment Committee made of its Strategic Partners and the Private Equity Partners

  2. Control of governance for the funds
    Each fund has its Advisory Committee made of representatives of its Investors

  3. Management decisions for the private equity firm
    Oraxys SA has its Board of Directors made of Private Equity experts