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Customized premium windows for energy and sound insulation

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Sustainable Development Goals
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Resource efficiency
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Business overview

Wako Group designs, produces and markets customized and high performance insulation windows for both building renovation and new construction. The group provides differentiating services to its B2B installer clients, including on-time delivery and an increasing range of energy transition products.

With a wide capacity to provide diverse features and applications, indoor and outdoor, Wako Group replaces low performance insulation windows by state of the art technologies of premium glass manufacturers and frame manufacturers. Wako Group products reduce GHG emissions and generate energy savings.

Wako Group contributes positively to resource efficiency.

Key figures
EUR 35 million Sales revenue in 2021
Net Zero Emissions Scope 3 as per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol since 2020
Oraxys industrial team member
Sabine Everaet
Former Chief Information Systems and Digital Officer (CIO) of The Coca-Cola Company for Europe, Middle East and Africa