Natural complementary feed additives for farm animals

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Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals 12
Environmental impact pillar
Business overview

Phodé designs, produces and markets natural complementary feed additives, mainly for animals.

Specialized in the impact of olfactory molecules on brain ecosystem, Phodé mainly markets its products in the agri-business value chain, as substitutes to antibiotics or growth hormones for example. Phodé’s natural products also contribute to animal’s well being. The objective of the farmers using Phodé’s natural additives is to produce food products with low pharmaceutical inputs.

Phodé contributes positively to health.

Key figures
EUR 22 million Sales revenue at exit
>70% Sales in export markets
Oraxys industrial team member
Yves Buchsenschutz
Former COO of Danone Waters
Former CEO of Danone Baby Food
Oraxys added value

Collaborated with the leadership team in the following achievements :

  • Developed internal monitoring tools to extend commercial and financial functions
  • Introduced the company to business contacts in the USA and China to expand marketing
Achieved exit

LBO from the leader, the managers and a private equity fund