Nature et Stratégie

Organic detergents and organic cosmetics

Gamme de cosmétique Coslys et autre
Champs de lavande et biodiversité
Contribution to un
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals 12
Environmental impact pillar
Business overview

Nature et Strategie designs, manufactures and markets organic detergents and organic cosmetics. The group is one of the pioneers in the French organic cosmetics sector.

Focused on products respecting organic requirements specification (Ecocert or Cosmebio or other certifications and labels), Nature et Strategie markets safer products to consumers with benignity of components, environment-friendly products with a higher biodegradability, and promote agriculture with biodiversity.

Nature et Strategie contributes positively to health.

Key figures
EUR 15 million Sales revenue at exit
90 FTEs at exit
Oraxys industrial team member
Yves Buchsenschutz
Former COO of Danone Waters
Former CEO of Danone Baby Food
Oraxys added value

Collaborated with the leadership team in the following achievements :

  • Developed internal monitoring tools to extend commercial, financial, production and supply functions
  • Refined the marketing strategy of several distribution channels in the organic sector which led to a strategic acquisition
Achieved exit

LBO from the leader and private equity funds