Les Comptoirs de la Bio


Organic supermarkets chain

Etal de produits fruis et légumes en supermarché
Les Comptoires De La Bio magasin
Contribution to un
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals 12
Environmental impact pillar
Business overview

Les Comptoirs de la Bio is a retail supermarkets’ chain and a procurement platform dedicated to organic products (food and non food).

With an expertise in sourcing and in promoting organic products for many years, Les Comptoirs de la Bio markets safer products to consumers with benignity of components, environment-friendly products with a higher biodegradability, and fosters agriculture with biodiversity.

Les Comptoirs de la Bio contributes positively to health.

Key figures
12 Proprietary supermarkets at exit
240 Affiliated supermarkets to the central procurement platform at exit
Oraxys industrial team member
Yves Buchsenschutz
Former COO of Danone Waters
Former CEO of Danone Baby Food
Oraxys added value

Supported the leadership team in the following achievements :

  • Developed internal monitoring tools to extend commercial, financial, production and supply functions
  • Managed a high growth initiative to open a significant number of newbuilt and acquired organic supermarkets
Achieved exit

Corporate sale to Les Mousquetaires – Intermarché (www.mousquetaires.com)