Lidars to optimize onshore and offshore wind farms

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Sustainable Development Goals
Sdg 7affordable And Clean Energy
Sdg 9 Industry Innovation And Infrastructure
Environmental impact pillar
Resource efficiency
Business overview

Leosphere designs, manufactures and markets detection systems which work on the principle of radars and use light from lasers to optimize measurement for different applications.

Recognized as one of the Worldwide market leaders for long-range Lidars, Leosphere markets high-tech equipment to increase energy production of on-shore and off-shore wind farms. The equipment is also used for other applications, to reduce the wind-shear risk in takeoff procedures of aircrafts and to improve wheather and air pollution monitoring.

Leosphere contributes positively to resource efficiency.

Key figures
EUR 30 million Sales revenue at exit
140 FTEs at exit
Oraxys industrial team member
Jacques Billiard
Former Senior Vice-President of Schneider Electric in North Asia, South Asia, Middle-East and Africa
Oraxys added value

Collaborated with the leadership team in the following achievements:

  • Sharpened the marketing strategy with a priority geography approach, specifically in China
  • Reconfigured the supply chain to improve the effect of seasonality and reduce significantly the working capital requirement
Achieved exit

Corporate sale to Vaisala, Worldwide leader of atmospheric instruments (www.vaisala.com)