Laser robots to eco-manufacture

Rayon laser
Interieur usine 4_0 lean and clean
Contribution to un
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals 12
Environmental impact pillar
Nature preservation
Business overview

Lasea designs, manufactures and markets a range of laser eco-manufacturing equipment.

Specialized in designing robots to improve the manufacturing chains with ultra-precise Femto-laser sources, Lasea markets equipment that eliminate chemical input in the process. It avoids the use of ink for marking, the use of glue for welding, the use of water for cutting, the use of chemical bath for surface treatment, etc.

Lasea contributes positively to nature preservation.

Key figures
x4 Turnover growth in 6 years
>75% Sales in export markets
Oraxys industrial team member
Marc Van Ossel
Former CEO of Saint-Gobain in Germany and Central Europe
Former Executive Committee member of Saint-Gobain in charge of HR & Environment
Oraxys added value

Supported the leader in the following achievements :

  • Designed the strategy on 3 priority sectors that generated exponential growth over 6 years
  • Developed marketing supports to highlight the environmental benefit of the equipment for the clients
  • Structured a new management team aligned with the strategy and culture to support high growth
Achieved exit

LBO from the leader and private equity funds