Our track record

We are proud to have contributed to the success of companies in Growth and LBO maturity stages, with both financial and environmental impacts’ values. Please find some companies we have supported in their development and divested successfully. Since experiences speak louder than words, please listen to some leadership teams we supported:

Axel Kupisiewicz

CEO of Lasea

The unique business model with the Industrial Team Members and the business experience of Oraxys were key for growth!

Xavier Orts and Patrick Mets

CEO and CFO of Aremis Group

Oraxys was our majority shareholder for 6 years and has always acted as a caring partner.

Philippe Bramedie

CEO of Les Comptoirs de la Bio

Oraxys was a responsive and pragmatic minority shareholder.

Shared success

Performance of our companies

The performance of our portfolio companies generates a shared success. The alignment of interests between the investors of our Funds, Oraxys and the leadership teams of our portfolio companies is the common ground to work together.
We evaluate the performance with a balance of financial and ESG indicators. Please find here-after some current ones.

  • Economic performance

    economic performance

    Turnover / five years

  • Human performance

    human performance

    Jobs / five years

  • Environmental Performance

    Oraxys Environmental Performance



Why we are unique

Human Value. Oraxys makes People the driving force of each decision. We bring our in-house Environmental – Social – Governance benchmark methodology to provide a stronger competitive advantage to our portfolio companies (people, value chain, technology, brand, etc) and a higher return to our long-term investors.

Our Business Model is to support the leadership team of each portfolio company. We interact on pre-agreed common objectives through a duo team made of one industrial team member and one financial team member. This duo team provides complementarity of expertise and networks. Moreover, it fosters diversity and increases industrial dialogue in the Boards of Directors.

Our seasoned industrial team members are financially invested in the Funds and they are operationally involved with our financial team members at each stage. Hence, the leadership teams of our portfolio companies have access to each of them to get international business networks, interactions on acquisition opportunities, feedbacks on industrial organizations, contacts or opinions on human resources, etc.

Our route