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Responsible shareholder with industrial vision

Oraxys is specialized in financing growth capital and buyout activities for companies that develop and market environment-friendly products or services in connection with Oraxys’ three environmental impact’s pillars: Nature preservation, Resource efficiency and Health.

The mission of Oraxys is to partner with leadership teams of European companies focused on Environment-friendly products or services, to accelerate their development and profitable growth.


Committed Industrial Partners in the Team

We have a proven Business Model based on added value. The Industrial Partners are former managing directors of industrial groups or seasoned entrepreneurs. They are recognized experts in their industry and financially invested in the Funds. They work with the Private Equity Team members in industrial and financial duo teams at each stage. Moreover, they bring business experiences and international networks to the leadership teams of our portfolio companies.

What leadership teams say about us

Experiences speak louder than words:

Axel Kupisiewicz

CEO of Lasea

The unique business model with the Industrial Team Members and the business experience of Oraxys were key for growth!

Xavier Orts and Patrick Mets

CEO and CFO of Aremis Group

Oraxys was our majority shareholder for 6 years and has always acted as a caring partner.

Philippe Bramedie

CEO of Les Comptoirs de la Bio

Oraxys was a responsive and pragmatic minority shareholder.

Shared success

Performance of our companies

The performance of our portfolio companies generates a shared success. The alignment of interests between the investors of our Funds, Oraxys and the leadership teams of our portfolio companies is the common ground to work together.
We evaluate the performance with a balance of financial and ESG indicators. Please find here-after some current ones.

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