ORAXYS invests in Europe, mainly in 5 countries :
France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland
The Partners of the Expansion Capital Firm hold two complementary backgrounds :
Asset management with 25 years track record experience in investment deals, added up in mergers-acquisitions and private equity : venture-capital, expansion-capital and LBO.
Industrial management with 230 years track record experience in executive positions, added up in Europe, in the United States, in the Middle-East and in Asia : Chemistry, Food, Water, Health, Electrical equipments, Energy, Electronics, Materials.
Executive Partners and Strategy Partners act systematically in pairs for the analysis and the follow-up of each SME. The pairs are set up according to the expertises linked with the sectors and to the locations.
The Executive Partners are experienced professionals of Private Equity and are financially committed. They head up the management of the investment company. The company is chaired by one of the Executive Partners, Gregory Fayolle.
The Strategy Partners run or have run European industrial companies and groups. Each of them is also financially committed. They influence the investment strategy of the Fund and are involved with the portfolio enterprises.
The Partners are taking part of value creation in partnership with the managers of the companies in which the Fund invests. As examples :
– Creation of a manufacturing-distribution partnership in China
– Acquisition of an English company that owns a strong Intellectual Property
– Industrialization with running stages of Manufacturing / Logistics increases
Strategy Partners
> Jacques Billiard   > Yves Buchsenschutz
  Electrical equipments
> Kaspar Eigenmann   > François Guinot
  Pharmacy and Chemistry
  Chemistry and Pharmacy

> Johnny Komnata   > Johan van de Ven
  Turnaround of SME
> Marc Van Ossel      
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